Ron Collins


The 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim was first completed on April 15, 1998. 

Tampa Bay's marathon swim race is one of the world's longest, and covers the entire length of Florida's largest estuary.

More information about the 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim is available at Email the Race Director for more information, or to indicate your interest in entering as a swimmer or to receive more information about becoming an event volunteer.


For more information, contact:
The Tampa Bay Marathon Swim
Ron Collins, Race Director
727.531.7999 |
Open Water Coach

Our Open Water Boot Camp offers comprehensive, training sessions tailored to meet your needs. Qualifying swims for the English Channel or Manhattan are possible in Florida during the winter.

Marathon Swimmer

First to swim 24 mile length of Tampa Bay, 1998; English Channel, 2004; Catalina Channel, 2013; Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, 2002; United States Masters Swimming Long Distance All-American, 1994 & 2004